Somebody is out there, developing the Linux Kernel. Somebody else contributes to Gnome or KDE or XFCE right now. Somebody else is thinking about an open source AI or is maintaining packages at Fedora. Someone is sitting in front of his workstation and develops the next open source game with Godot.

Dear contributers out there: "You motivate us to do our best and participate. We want to support you as fans, as coder, as bug reporter, these dudes with dumb questions in IRC and Slack. We want to be - just a little bit - like you."


Most of our work is code contribution. Currently, we develop and publish, based on our needs. You can think of these basic steps:

It's nothing more to it. Really.

You can find code and work for Ansible, Nextcloud or pykickstart in our portfolio. We are also writing Bash Scripts, CSS, HTML or whatever is needed. OS wise the focus is on everything RedHat'ish like Fedora or CentOS.


You will find members on several events and social channels. You can count on us at events like CLT or Meetups.

You can talk to us via IRC. If you want to suggest another possibility, please feel free to drop a mail.


Our work needed some small infrastructure and we started to host some public or internal services like Nextcloud or Jenkins. We are using services like Ansible Galaxy, Github or Uptimerobot.