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Vacation Time

Off Topic Oct 13, 2022

You might have wondered (or not), that I haven't released a new article for the last 2 weeks. Once a year, we need to take a break. This is also true for me. I just need a little break and will be back in November.

In the meantime, I will work on some topics that lie around for quite some time.

  • Release the whiletruedoio.general Ansible collection
  • Learn more Go development
  • Set up my new Dell XPS 9315 with Fedora Silverblue 37 (yes, I am back on Silverblue with 37)
  • Re-Do the workstation playbook and also start with the whiletruedoio.desktop Ansible collection
  • Revamp and update my home server with Fedora IoT 37
  • Work on some Raspberry Pi related topics (maybe a new series)
  • Use my SteamDeck :p
  • Watch some Anime
  • Relax, chill, drink tea

You can still see me active, occasionally, on Twitter, LinkedIn or GitHub.

Until then, see you in November. Stay save and healthy.


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