This page is exclusively meant for legal purposes.

This page is exclusively meant for legal purposes.


If not stated otherwise, all content that is created by me (basically all texts, code pieces, pictures) is provided and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Content that was not created by me (marked otherwise) underlies the license of the author.


The German law demands an Imprint for most websites, that are not exclusively for families or private use. In general, this is not applicable for services at, but we want to ensure proper clarification.

All content is written by the authors itself and images are either freely available or published with permission of the creators.

For any legal concerns, please send your mail to

Data Privacy does not gather or store any private data of users.

The blogging engine itself is Ghost, which on its own facilitates some convenience features. These will load content from third party vendors, as explained in their privacy documentation.

I am using page analytics via According to Plausible, it is privacy-oriented, ships no cookies and is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. You can find the dashboard here.

I am embedding pictures from third parties ( and videos (, Since you are downloading content from these pages, they may track you in other ways. Anyway, we are happy in case you want to help with fitting pictures, hints for better embedding, etc.

The infrastructure is hosted at netcup GmbH, a German hosting provider. They guarantee that no data is stored outside my server.


For legal purposes, please reach out to one of the below options. Please use other contact options to get in touch with the community and authors.




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